Bay Views Golf Course is a Par 70 measuring 5268 metres from the men’s blue markers.
Bay Views Golf Course is also often referred to as Rosebud Public Golf Course (Golflink Club ID 32126).

Blue Tees

Scratch – 69
– 127
– 70

White Tees

Scratch – 67
– 125
– 70

Red Tees

Scratch – 72
– 127
– 71

Course Tour – Hole By Hole

Front 9

1st Hole - Par 5

A fairly gentle start to your round with everything to see right in front of you and Port Phillip Bay in the distance. Out of Bounds down the left must be avoided as are the fairway hazards around the landing area of your drive as well as area of your 3rd shot.

2nd Hole - Par 4

A solid par 4 for the men (par 5 for the ladies) asks for a strong drive aimed up the right side which will funnel down towards the centre of the fairway opening up the green as the hole gently doglegs to the right. Anything left of the fairway will find a long approach to a green above the level of your approach and guarded by a greenside bunker capturing anything short, left.

3rd Hole - Par 3

A short downhill par three requires precision from golfers with anything long facing a challenging chip shot back.  Anything slightly off line however risks finding greenside bunkers so don’t let your guard down.

4th Hole - Par 5

The second par 5 on the course that plays a little longer than the meterage suggests due to a gradual incline from the tee. A generous landing area awaits however many balls are lost in the foliage on the right. Fairway bunkers and OOB also protect the right side of the fairway.  The second shot can be blind as you reach the plateau of the hill and a bunker approximately 30 metres from the green protects the left side. A generous green with false front awaits however anything left of the green faces a slick downhill chip and miss the green right and you will be left with a creative up and down.

5th Hole - Par 4

A tight drive is required to place your ball in the ideal location to attack the pin with the fairway falling away significantly to the left. Balls will naturally feed away from the green so those who can hold their ball close to the right side will be favoured with a much shorter approach to a green featuring a false front ensuring players must take enough club to fly and hold the green.

6th Hole - Par 3

A delightful short hole with a natural ampitheatre helping collect balls on the left and long feed towards the hole. Deep bunkers right of the green are also in play and provide a challenging recovery shot if tested.

7th Hole - Par 4

A deceptive short par 4 where a fairway wood or hybrid will be enough to put you in the preferred position to attack the green, ideally from the left side of the fairway. Your approach must be spot on to hold this quirky green and a deep bunker is ready to catch anything slipping off the green in the right.

8th Hole - Par 4

A tee shot aimed up the right side of the fairway will funnel back towards the centre leaving a second shot uphill to an elevated green.

9th Hole - Par 4

A short par four where the long and straight hitters can be rewarded if hitting a good ball off the tee. The second shot is made more difficult as players can’t see the base of the flag.  Club selection is important as the green is quite shallow from front to back. Another picture postcard view awaits players looking back towards the tee as the Spirit of Tasmania or other large vessels navigate Port Phillip Bay.

Back 9

10th Hole - Par 4

Aim your tee shot inside the right bunker as the fairway funnels from right to left. The approach shot into the elevated green is challenged by greenside bunkers and a generous putting surface that borrows heavily from right to left.

11th Hole - Par 3

The most challenging par three on the course plays steeply downhill before rising sharply to a firm green heavily contoured from back to front. Low running balls will struggle to make the putting surface due to the false front but the length of the hole means balls flying to the green will do well to hold the green. Par is always a good score on this hole.

12th Hole - Par 4

A short par four rises sharply up the hill with the fairway falling away to the right. The approach is often an awkward shot as the green plateaus and pin position is often difficult to judge.  Regardless of how many shots you take on this hole and how often you’ve played, you’ll be mesmerised by the vistas provided from the highest point on the course and an unmissable photo opportunity awaits so don’t forget to take it all in!

13th Hole - Par 5

Enjoy the view from the highest point on the course as golfers enjoy a sweeping dogleg par five with Port Phillip Bay and the southern Mornington Peninsula in the distance. Players with a little draw will receive significant assistance as the ball gathers momentum around the dogleg before shooting downhill to a very small, unprotected green which is extremely slick providing the only defence against low scores. One of Bay Views signature holes.

14th Hole - Par 4

Out of bounds on the right means golfers must play safe towards the left side of the fairway without running out of room as the hole doglegs right to the green. Another stunning approach requires a short iron to a shallow green with a large ridge running through the middle providing a challenging putt if on the opposite side of the hole.

15th Hole - Par 3

A delightful par three with beautiful bunkering reminding many of the famous Melbourne sandbelt! Gently rising uphill, golfers only require a short iron to a green with a steep backdrop returning some balls towards the green. Players must ensure they have enough club as anything short of the green will trickle back leaving a tricky chip shot.  Pin position will play a big factor in determining your score.

16th Hole - Par 4

A tricky tee shot awaits with heavy tress and foliage protecting both sides of the fairway. Safety is key and even an iron or fairway wood from the tee aimed up the right side can leave a short approach from the middle of the fairway. Beware as good many rounds have come unstuck on this sleepy hole.

17th Hole - Par 3

Another solid par three well protected by bunkers right of the green. Balls left of the green are a chance to funnel back towards the hole thanks to a steep embankment but anything staying on the high side will demand a delicate downhill chip or putt.

18th Hole - Par 4

The final hole and the toughest hole on the course that will take two excellent shots to reach the green in regulation! Out of bounds on the left must be avoided however anything right side of the fairway makes subsequent shots significantly more difficult. As such the best line is up the left side of the fairway before approaching the well protected green featuring a false front and greenside bunkers on the right. Another deceptively quick green makes this a truly challenging finishing hole.